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The song says "the church is not a building. The church is a people." What we believe about the nature of church the  people who make up the church is the foundation of everything we do as a church. Join Pastor in a 4 week study of the history of Christendom, the disagreements and the rise of denominations. 

When Jesus stated that the greatest commandment is to “Love God and Neighbor,” followers of Christ have wrestled questions like “who is my neighbor?” and “How do we love one another?”  

Pastor Faith and Jerry Jones will hold a Lenten Discipleship Study to explore the foundation of Christian mission by turning to scripture, theology, and reading from a variety of authors who have reflected on the mission of the church. Join with us as we go back to the drawing board and seek to uncover the foundation of Christian mission, the scriptural underpinnings, and the varied expressions of those across history who have follow Jesus’ commandment to Love God and Neighbor. 

Readings will be handed out weekly. Choose from the evening class Thursdays at 7pm

or the 11:45-1pm class on Tuesday.

Child care provided at the Tuesday class.


As You gather, notice that there are Several objects on table. Examine each item quietly and take notes on them.

 - which are most familiar to you?

 - which are least familiar 

 - which would you have seen growing up, in your home?

 - what categories might you assign these? (protestant, catholic, baptist, etc)


DISCUSS YOUR THOUGHTS - Share insights and get to know peoples background



    Create a Timeline of History

    Build it on Wall of Conference Room. 

    Time Frame from 1400BC - 1500AD

CONCEPTS  spread of gospel from Acts onward

  • Unity in gospel message begins to form

  • Written down accounts become cannon

  •   Influence of Hebrew, Greek philosophy and Roman Law on church formation 

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