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Discover Your Gifts - An Online Personal Inventory

Finally, you can discover God's purpose and plan for your life!


Every aspect about you - your interests, your skills and even those things you wish you could change about yourself are unique gifts that God can use for great purposes.




This on line form leads you through a personal inventory of your gifts, talents and desires. As you go through, check as many as you like. We will  keep you connected to opportunities to grow and serve with others in ministry.


Remember Each of Us :

- are created by God with the ability to make choices 

in how we use our gifts, talents and traits.

- are intended to connect with others for a purpose that goes "beyond self"

- discover that "Our Gifts" never really belonged to us, but  were always for the purpose of being given to the work of God's Spirit on earth 


After you send your personal survey, you will be connected to ministries where you can jump in and serve!


What a great first step we have all taken together in lifting up our everyday selves to Godly possibilities.

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