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Cost & Fees


Is your wedding in a church or on the beach? There are many ways to stand before God and loved ones with your vows.
  Review  each of the options with their fee breakdowns.
 Be sure to book the date with her in advance, simply complete the Wedding Inquiry Form online, to have Rev Faith contact you. Also, once you are confirmed, you may pay online for her services and the building rental. With her, you will complete a printable form with Pastor Faith, that is available for download as a PDF.

Off-Site Wedding
 (not held at any church)


Having a wedding at a beach, a park or in your own backyard can be a wonderful way to make your special day even more meaningful.


For weddings that take place outside of the church where she is serving, the following fees will apply:


Pastor Officiating off-site              $375

Pastors Wedding Coordinator      $70
(sometimes additional coordinator is not needed, please discuss)



Church Wedding
 (held at Mt. Harmony or LM UMC)


Members and Non-members of Mt. Harmony Lower Marlboro UMC are welcomed to hold their wedding at either church locations.


The Building Rental                                 $350 

Pastor Officiating at Church                  $350

Wedding Coordinator  (required)            $70

Sexton                                                         $50  
Church Pianist (Check Availability)         $250

Audio/Sound Support MP3/CD                $50


For a Detailed Booklet regarding the policies of holding weddings at Mt. Harmony or Lower Marlboro, please Click for DOWNLOAD.



 All Forms & Downloads
Initial Request (on-line)
Wedding Info Sheet-
with overview of bride, groom, wedding party information. Completed in consultation with Rev. Faith 
Wedding Booklet -
with policies and procedures for a wedding at Mt. Harmony/Lower Marlboro
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