About Her:

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Wesley Theological Seminary
Washington, DC

Master of Divinity '04


Capital University

Columbus, OH

Bachelor of Arts 1993


Wyoming Seminary

Kingston, PA     1989


Wooster High School

Wooster, Ohio   1985-1988


Mt. Harmony/ Lower Marlboro UMC
Owings, Maryland

July 2014 - present

Centenary United Methodist
Shady Side, Maryland
July 2019 - present


Olivet United Methdoist Church

Lusby, Maryland

July 2008 - June 2014


Metropolitan Memorial UMC

Washington, DC

July 2004 - June 2008


Eldbrooke United Methodist Church

Washington, DC

July 2004- June 2005

Pastor Faith currently serves as the Head of School for The Wesley School in Owings, Maryland, the Senior Pastor of two vibrant congregations in southern Maryland - Centenary United Methodist Church in Shady Side and Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church in Owings, Maryland.  She is also the chaplain of the North Beach Volunteer Fire Department.


She was ordained in the United Methodist Church in 2009 and has served at churches in Falls Church Virginia, Washington DC, Lusby Maryland, Owings Maryland and Shady Side, Maryland.

Pastor Faith was raised in Wooster, Ohio where along with being active in community musical theater and 4-H, she attended Wooster United Methodist Church throughout her childhood years.  The church had an active Sunday School, music ministry, drama group and youth group. She enjoyed attending, ringing with the bell choir and serving as an acolyte. 


God’s call began to whisper to her as she participated in middle school activities and started to consider someday being a pastor of a church. While on the  confirmation retreat, the Reverend Susan Lausch asked Faith if she might be hearing a call to be a pastor.  Faith quietly replied, “No” while her heart wanted to scream “Yes!”

Answering God’s call to be an ordained minister took many years of soul-searching while she set out in a seemingly opposite direction: working in broadcast media and film production. She graduated from Capital University and began work in freelance television production in Columbus Ohio,  South Carolina and Los Angeles California.

In those times,  she realized that she appreciated the teamwork and collaboration of working on a film/TV set.. but her soul was restless, feeling as if she was not where she was supposed to be. She wanted to share a deeper message, the love of God, while at the same time was struggling to understand that love.

“I felt a bit weird, actually. God’s love was something I was only beginning to understand while ironically I was wandering far my faith, seeking meaning in a variety of places. Yet, time and time again the central message of the cross of Christ and God’s love would flood my heart. It was strange. My twenties were conflicted years. I was beginning to understand my own need for salvation while at the same time fighting God. I was genuinely excited about the new digital technologies and the world wide web, but didn't see church embracing these.  

"The Reverend Laurie Clark of Maple Grove United Methodist Church invited me to attend a  spiritual gifts class offered through Servant Leadership School at Broad Street UMC in Columbus.  The inward and outward walk with Christ began to come together.  I began dreaming of sharing the Gospel through media and the arts and seeing that perhaps God was calling me to preach.”

There is saying, “You can’t have a testimony without a test” which means that when most people give up, we must press on for greater purposes for the Kingdom of God. Everyone of us has tests but God can turn them into testimonies. 

“I have had many tests but one that has stood out for me is believing in who God says I am versus believing in what other people say . That’s not so unique. Moses had to believe he was a leader instead of believing what he thought of himself, a man who messed up and should remain in hiding.. Some disciples had to believe they were more than fisherman, that they could be fishers of all. Finding our identity as God's beloved can be hard, but this it’s the first step of our faith journey. Ffor instance I remember when I felt called to be a pastor, and  I was told I am too extroverted to be a pastor. That maybe I should "just stick to youth ministry"  This well meaning older pastor said he was an introvert and that the majority of pastors are introverts.  I remember beings  told the church won’t accept me for being a free spirit and that real pastors can't be female.   I spent years listening to wrong voices. Deep down, I wondered  if I was “the right fit” for ordained ministry. My test was to not give up on what God whispered into my heart. To believe where I could not yet see."

Believing in the value of all persons, believing that we are accepted even though we are different is the starting point for embracing God's love in our hearts and living out our life as a follower of Jesus. For Faith, it has become  a cornerstone of her leadership.


 “When we discover we are adopted into a redeeming love, we let go of the limiting mindset that we are too broken to be loved..or worse that we are despised by God for our mistakes.” She believes it is her role as pastor to create spaces and places for all to abide in this life-changing love."


In 2019, she helped launch the Wesley School, one of the newest Methodist educational centers in our region where "the whole child is valued, relationships cultivated, and diversity is recognized and respected.”  Soon to be opening this fall, the Wesley School is an elementary school program that builds upon our Wesleyan heritage of valuing education.


She continues to lead the Kids Bible Academy, an after school ministry that brings the Bible to life for children age 5-11. She preaches on a pulpit rotation across three different worshiping locations and serves as the Senior Pastor of Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro Church Owings MD and Centenary United Methodist in Shady Side MD.

“Pray about everything. Worry about nothing. Walk in Faith. Find a friend for the journey. We are blessed to be a blessing." .


leadership roles

North Beach Volunteer Fire Department


Kids Bible Academy



The Wesley School
Head of School


Blessed by the gift of family that reminds me to love deeply and appreciate life through all the unexpected twists and turns.


Enjoying  the journey of parenting teenagers with my husband Donnie Wilkerson who I never would have met if it were not for the Amazing Grace that paves life's broken roads.

Humbled daily by my daughters who teach me more about  the gospel message of being a child of God than they probably ever realize. 


Entertained by our two dogs who display the full range of emotions in the course of a day through playing, sleeping and barking at the many lawn visitors.