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Your Wedding

Your wedding is as unique as the love you are committing to. Pastor Faith loves to help you shape your ceremony to include the elements that are important to you. Blending families, joining hearts and creating a new family is all part of the process of crafting your Big Day.

Whether you are looking to hold the wedding  on-site at Mt. Harmony or Lower Marlboro or off-site, she is licensed for Maryland, DC, some counties in Virginia. You don not need to be a member of the United Methodist Church or any church. She will officiate weddings for members and non-members, please inquire if you have questions.


If you would like to have Rev. Faith officiate at your wedding, you will need to please complete the following steps:

  • Make Request for her to officiate via the Wedding Request Form (submit online) to determine the date, location

  • Determine your location.

  • To request having the wedding at Lower Marlboro or Mt. Harmony United Methodist Churches, please download the Wedding Booklet which will provide overview of guidelines. 

  • Meet with Pastor (in person or via skype) and fill out the Wedding Information Sheet

  • First Meeting with Pastor will include conversation regarding the logistics of the ceremony. SEE CEREMONY This will clarify important information regarding music, participants, candles, communion, readings of scripture, etc. 

  • First Meeting will include review of the Service of Christian Marriage as a basis for the vows.

  • First Meeting will include review of the fees for officiating the wedding including the cost for Pastor's Wedding Assistant/ Music/etc.

  • Additional meetings will be scheduled according to needs of the wedding couple.



Do I Need to be a church member  in order to have Rev. Faith officiate at my wedding?

No. You do not need to be a member of a church. Rev. Faith will discuss her roles a Christian minister while helping you craft a spiritually meaningful ceremony that honors your love for one another.


Will Rev. Faith do outdoor weddings, second marriages, or interfaith marriages?


Can she officiate out of state?

She is registered in Maryland and the District of Columbia. The Commonwealth of Virgina will require her to pre-register in the county where it is held.Other states can be looked into accordingly. 


How much is it to get married at Mt. Harmony or Lower Marlboro?
A Building Fee of $350 in addition to your fees for the sound tech, building operator, wedding coordinator,  plus pastor and the pianist (optional). Download the WEDDING BOOKLET for Mt Harmony/Lower Marlboro as a PDF.



Do We Have to Do Pre-Marital Counseling?

Rev. Faith is not a clinical counselor and does not do counseling. She will facilitate a series of pre-marital discussions with couples drawing from the writings of several leading Christian authors. This is not required before marriage but can be very helpful and memorable as the time taken before the marriage is a time of reverance as couples seek God's lead during the sometimes chaotic wedding planning.


What forms do I need to complete?

You will need to register with the clerk of courts of the county in which the wedding is to be held.
You will also need to complete a Wedding Request Form on line. 

You will complete the Wedding Information Sheet for planning the wedding. (Download PDF)
For weddings at Mt Harmony/Lower Marlboro, you will want to download the wedding booklet.  (Download PDF)

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