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Same Old. Same Old.

Ever feel like it's like that movie Groundhog Day and you are in the loop of repetition? People and situations don't seem to change?

What if you truly stopped waiting for people to change or problems to cease... and instead reclaimed your perspective on them? Essentially, that is what Bill Murray did in the movie. He changed his outlook.

We may not be trapped in a time warp like Groundhog day, but we do get trapped in the pattern of our minds. We get in a loop where we think and rethink.. and we wonder why nothing changes.

Like the graphic from John Assarafs message on PraxisNow, we get the same old results from the same old thinking no matter how many times we sketch it out on a napkin.

When our mind spins with bitterness, worry, regret, sorrow, betrayal we habitually fuel an inner turmoil. Today, gather that turmoil and drag it over to the foot of the cross. Let it die and be raised to new life. Our inner life can be renewed, Peace Love & Harmony can become the fire of our hearts. Turn to Collosians 3 for more on the mindset of peace: "Set your mind on things above and keep it set." Collosians 3:2

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