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What Pattern are You Following?

A pattern is something you follow carefully in order to achieve an expected outcome. When I was learning to sew, I was drawn toward projects with very complicated patterns. I learned a lot by following a more challenging pattern. My first attempt wasn't perfect, but each time my skills improved. If you want an amazing life, you can certainly "go for" what is easy. Or you can pattern your life after

the most challenging example of a human life: Jesus Christ. He was humble, wise, compassionate, had the right priorities. He had love in his heart for God and strangers. He stood up for the weak ones. He "laughed with the sinners and cried with the saints", as Billy Joel once sang.

Some may argue that no one can be perfect, so don't even bother trying. But your life will take shape based on what pattern you look toward. The other options are plentiful. Even easier. But the patterns in the world will never give you the results that your soul desires.


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