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Going Through Deep Water?

Picture yourself crossing a river or walking through the deep water of the ocean. Notice how your feet become unsteady? How the movement of the current, the murkiness of the water can make it hard to get a footing?

Sometimes in life, our spiritual walk can feel this way too. The water of circumstances rises to a depth that is difficult. Maybe it is a personal trial, a struggle or harm caused to ourself or someone we love...What ever it is.. we are suddenly unsteady. We can't trust where to step. We get knocked off balance. Whenever I find myself in rough water, when something comes up that overwhelms me, it can be very easy for me to panic. To begin drowning in self-defeat. I tell myself, this must be my fault, I strayed too far from the shore. I messed up. I'm off-course, and now it's up to me. No way God is gonna help me, I gotta solve this mess on my own.

Do you do that?

If so. Stop. The people of God have gone through deep waters many times.. and he has always promised to be with us.

You have not strayed too far. The battle is not completely lost. You are simply in the throws of life. A life of deep waters that does not surprise God. The Lord, whose voice can calm the sea, is actually with you.

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