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Winter Wilderness

Yesterday marked the Winter Solstice, when nights shorten and daylight hours increase.

Now we are on "the other side" of the season. Over the next months, there will be more daylight, less darkness. It is a time of journeying into a new season.

Might this also be your spiritual truth as well? Perhaps you are coming out of a season that seemed endless. The scripture describes the journey toward new life as following the voice of the divine that is heard from the wilderness of our life. John the Baptist was that voice on the edge who called multitudes to redirect their lives through repentance of sin and washing in the waters of the Jordan. In this season of Advent, we too hear the voice calling us out of spiritual wilderness, out of spiritual darkness.

We know that the Light of the World, Jesus, seeks to shine in the darkness. His Light grows and increases each day as we walk in faith. On this Winter Solstice, take hope In the words of 1 John that "the darkness is fading and the true light is already shining."

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