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Cast Your Cares

Jesus said not to worry about the future, but simply take on the task before you this day.. for the work of today is enough. Matthew 6:34

When we follow his instruction, we abide in the "now".

When we abide in the now, we seek to do the "next right thing" within our abilities: and that is all God asks from us: Obedience in the moment.

To live this way is to be sustained by the Spirit.

Like the Psalmist, may we cast our cares upon the Lord, do the work of the day, uplifted by the God of encouragement who will manifest with a peace beyond our imagining.

For further reading on the power of abiding in the now, I highly recommend two books Eckart Tolle "The Power of Now" and "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.

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