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Epiphany: To Make Known

Today Jan 6 is recognized on the Christian calendar as epiphany, which means "to show," "to make known" or "to reveal."

In the Gospel telling the story of the miracles around the birth of Jesus, an unusual light in the heavens, seen by the magi, pointed to something so profound that they set out on a long journey to reach it. These were not religious men of the Hebrew faith. They were not citizens of the empire ruled by King Herod. They were Persian priests who interpreted the movement of the stars and the spiritual symbolism of dreams. They saw the star and knew a great King was born, deserving homage and honor. They set out traveling great distance to reach the place of Bethlehem.

Gods perfect Light still guides us to His son. The light of Christ still shines on the horizon leading us to a surprising place of true joy: a destination of humility, where we finally lay all our treasures down.

On this day of epiphany, are you willing to look heavenward? To lift your eyes higher than a path charted out on earth?

Can you diligently follow Gods holy light, and accept a journey into the unknown where God will be revealed?

These are the hardest steps in walking in faith, but we set forth because we trust that the destination God has for us is waiting.

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