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Who do we follow?

A bumper sticker reads "Don't follow me, I’m lost too."

By our human nature, each of us is lost, in need of direction, and in search of meaning.

Jesus says "Follow me" which is an invitation to daily surrender. Surrender of our judgmental attitudes and our victimizing blame. Like the bumper sticker we must first admit we are lost. We dont know it all. We stand in need of Divine Grace. Walking in His light means stepping out of the darkness of the human drama of self-certainty. Today, keep your heart on Jesus who loved his enemies. Feel compassion for a world that is searching for meaning.

Seek others who pattern Christs humility and compassion and you will find the fellowship of Jesus himself.

Are you are in need of a prayer partner or a Friend on the Journey, contact Pastor Faith through the church office to be connected to our Stephen Ministry.

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