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Complex Living?

"Life is simple.. but we insist on making it complicated"

Would you agree? Have you let your busy life take over your inner peace? Today is a Saturday, and for some reason I have taken up the bad habit of over-scheduling our free time on Saturdays. Maybe in advance of the weekend, I picture myself tackling a to-do list a mile long. Maybe I picture myself capable of doing a thousand more things than is humanly possible. I don't know what happens, but many times I am completely discouraged that Saturday has happened and nothing has gotten done! In life, there will always be much to do.. and yet we don't have to stack up more than is possible to accomplish. When we do, the result is an anxious day that is not fully enjoyed. Our souls CAN be peaceful as we go about our tasks. What would it look like for you to determine, today, that you will choose to simplify? Maybe it means accepting the limits and being fully engaged in whatever you are doing at that moment. Sometimes we complicate our lives by thinking about all the other things that need done.. and it keeps us from appreciating ourselves for that which we CAN do.

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