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Getting Past Your Past

Forgiving others (as well as ourselves) can be the biggest stumbling block to personal growth and happiness. How often do you feel that events of your past keep you from moving forward? How often do you wish you could lift the ache of a broken heart, a broken relationship?

Starting in February, I will be offering an on-line course of spiritual direction on the topic of “Getting Past Your Past” - It is a class that provides you with daily scripture, readings and "homework" on the trickiest topics of forgiveness, betrayal, grief, loss, and regret. Through the online tools, email and text you can take this journey from Feb 1 til March 21 with the intention that by the start of Spring 2020, you may be in a place of new spiritual growth. The cost of class is $140 and is payable to the church. For those wishing to go deeper on a specific topic or feel they would like additional one-to-one guidance, you can enroll in one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions for an additional $200 you can add-on weekly private call-in or in person sessions where we will set goals and pray together for your journey. The one-to-one option will have limited enrollment. Please text 410-474-4156 or email at to be enrolled!

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