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Snowed in? Be Still.

Psalm 46 Be Still and Know that I am God. This simple verse is one well loved by many of us who seek the peace of God in times of uncertainty. When unsure of the future.. when worried about our life, we can ask with the Psalmist, "Who is our true refuge, our strength and our ever-present help?" And we can answer with the Psalmist also that the One who can cause mountains to fall into the sea, oceans to surge and blizzards to break is the same one who is our personal Lord and Savior. The One who we meet in the stillness of a snowstorm


This January blizzard has disrupted our busy lives. In other areas of the country it has left people stranded, tied up in traffic, and caused devastation. For us in Calvert County, it has mostly been an inconvience: We are disrupted from our daily pattern of work, school. We have been forced to be still.

Yes, it has been a time of stillness. Of letting go to the sense of urgency to tackle life.. and instead find God in the stillness of surrender. No matter how great our human acheivements, none of are really in charge, are we?

Be still. God's got this.

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